Our world would be better off if it eliminates weapons of mass destruction and strives for peace

Weapons of mass destruction have the potential to bring great fear to humanity. The use of these weapons can cause enormous destruction and loss of life, and the thought of them being used can create fear and anxiety among people.

In addition, the mere existence of these weapons can increase tensions between nations and create a sense of fear and uncertainty about the potential for conflict. Therefore, weapons of mass destruction can bring a significant amount of fear to humanity.

It would be ideal for the world to discard all weapons of mass destruction. These weapons have the potential to cause immense destruction and suffering, and their use could have catastrophic consequences for both the parties involved and for the world as a whole.

Furthermore, the existence of these weapons only serves to escalate tensions and increase the likelihood of conflict. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all nations to work together to eliminate these weapons and strive for peace.

But this cannot be achieved by just one country. The entire world needs to come together and take this call in the interest of humanity and the future of our planet.

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