Bhupendra Patel to be the face of BJP in the coming Gujarat elections

The BJP has decided to make Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel the face of the BJP for the Assembly Polls which are going to be held in December. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave this information. and also clarifies that the elections in Gujarat are held as per the scheduled time and there is no possibility of them being held early. A senior member of the party said that PM Modi met several ministers and told them to start preparing for the polls . He declared that Bhupendra Patel would be the face of the BJP in the coming…

Parliamentary panel to meet tech firms to discuss alleged anti-competitive practices

A key parliamentary panel will meet representatives of numerous technology firms, e-commerce competitors and gaming entities, including Flipkart and Zomato on 20th July to discuss their market behavior amidst rising anti-competition concerns. In present times, there have been objections about alleged anti-competitive ways of numerous tech firms. Jayant Sinha, BJP leader and former Union Minister, conducted the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance and has been looking into different aspects of competition in the…

Indian tech firms contributed about $200 billion to the US economy

The Indian Information Technology (IT) industry has contributed significantly to the US economy previous year through local investments and jobs for training next-generation talent and driving innovations. As per the NASSCOM report , Indian tech companies have spent $396 billion in US sales output. This supported 1.6 million jobs altogether and contributed $198 billion to the US economy, which is greater than the combined economies of twenty US states in 2021. Debjani Ghosh, president at Nasscom said, “The Indian…


World’s food supply gets affected due to low rains in India

Rice could come out as the new challenge for international food supply as a shortage of rain in parts of India, by…

Apple to slow down hiring for next year

Apple Inc. is the latest tech giant to curb hiring and spending plans, adding to the evidence that even Silicon…





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